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Custom Made Men’s 4 Yard Box Pleated Kilts (M-Z)


The original tailored kilt of the late eighteenth century, up through the middle of the nineteenth century, was made from four yards of cloth and box pleated, rather than knife pleated. This style is a very good option for both those seeking a less expensive kilt, as well as those looking for a more historic garment. Prices range from $420 and up, depending upon tartan selection and availability.

Measure loosely at the broadest point so the kilt will easily be able to move. Add approx 1.5" to 2" to hip measurement.
Natural Waist between rib cage and top of hip bone...2 inches above your navel. When bending to the side, it's the spot that indents or creases. The measuring tape should be level when viewed from the side. Kilts are worn higher than pants and the measurement will be larger than pants size. (Do not hold in your stomach when being measured)
Stand straight, don't look down. Have someone measure from your natural waist to the desired point on the knees. Mid-knee is the standard in royal Regiment. Top of the knee cap at shortest.
Example "pleated to the sett or the stripe"


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