Styles of Kilts

There is no question about it. The best and most dramatic way for you to show your pride in your tartan is to wear it in a kilt. We are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality in craftsmanship. Each kilt we sell is hand pleated, hand-stitched, and tailor-made to your measurements by some of the finest and most experienced Scottish kilt-makers. These are the highest quality kilts that money can buy — we would not offer anything less.

There are many options when you order your kilt as far as tartan, color choices, fabric weight and pleating. Therefore, unless you know for certain exactly what you want, we would advise that you speak to us before you place your order.

We offer three different styles of kilt, all made to the same high-quality standards. All of our kilts are made from 100% Scottish woven wool.



An inexpensive option intended for casual wear, which can also be dressed up if needs be. Knife pleated and made just as our standard kilts, these kilts contain about half the yardage and so will have fewer pleats. These kilts are machine sewn in Scotland, from 100% worsted wool kilting cloth in medium and heavy weights. Don’t be fooled — these are not cheap “knockaround” kilts. We put just as much care in the construction of our casual kilts as we do any other kilt we offer. Prices range from ​$360 ​ to $460  depending upon tartan selection and hip measurements.


The standard style of kilt today. Made from eight yards (average) of cloth, and knife pleated either to sett or stripe, in the tartan of your choosing. These kilts are hand stitched in Scotland, from 100% worsted wool kilting cloth in  medium or heavy weights. Prices range from $520 to $610 depending upon tartan selection and hip measurements.


The original tailored kilt of the late eighteenth century, up through the middle of the nineteenth century, was made from four yards of cloth and box pleated, rather than knife pleated. This style is a very good option for both those seeking a less expensive kilt, as well as those looking for a more historic garment. Prices range from $420 and up, depending upon tartan selection and availability.

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