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Pathfinder Animals Porcelain Necklace


The Pathfinder line is sustainably made, durable and contemporary in appeal. Each of the designs is kiln-fired into the clay at 2200°F, producing detailed imagery in porcelain, with remarkable clarity and ceramic-hard durability that cannot peel or wear off. Each piece is surprisingly lightweight, finished to a satin touch and comfortable to wear.

If you don’t find the animal you are looking for please Call or Email us.

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Barn Owl, Bear 1, Bear Portrait, Bobcat, Bobcat 2, Buffalo, Butterfly, Cougar, Coyote, Desert Tortoise, Dolphins, Dragonfly, Eagle 1, Eagle Portrait, Elk, Giraffe, Golden Eagle, Gray Wolf 1, Gray Wolf Portrait, Great White Shark, Gray wolf 3, Honeybee, Hummingbird, Jackalope, Koala Bear, Lion, Lioness, Little Brown Bat, Moose, Octopus, Orca Whale, Painted Turtle, Puffin, Raven, Red Fox, Red Kangaroo, Red-Tailed Hawk, Sea Horse, Sea Otter, Sea Turtle, Tiger 2, White-tailed Deer, White-tailed Deer 2, Zebra


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