The Knights Templar in Scotland


The Knights Templar — their very name evokes a rich halo of glamour and chivalry. Since their introduction into Scotland by King David I in 1153, myth and reality have combined to record their place in that nation’s history. Here, in one volume, is a grand introduction to the history of the Templars in Scotland, concentrating on the historical and moving away from the mythical.

Leading off this collection is The Knights Templar and Bannockburn: Another View of the Myth, by Lin Robinson. This respected modern study provides a reasoned assessment of the argument for Templars being at Bannockburn in a body and able to influence the tide of battle. Robinson gives a short history of the Knights Templar, followed by a thoughtful appraisal of the position of the Templars by the time of Bannockburn in 1314. Following Robinson’s work is a brand-new edition of the following books and articles: The Knights Templars in Scotland, by Alfred Coutts; The Templars in Scotland in the Thirteenth Century, by John Edwards; The Suppression of the Knights Templars in Britain; The Story of the Scottish Templars, by Albert G. Mackey; and Rosslyn Castle, Its Buildings Past and Present, by Andrew Kerr.

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