Spring Weight Cummerbund (Adult Sizes) with Regular Bowtie (Tartans MAC2)

  • $72.95

Made in Scotland of 100% new worsted wool. Can be supplied with matching bow tie. Standard adult size fits sizes 30" to 44".  Adult XL fits sizes 46" plus.

Clan MAC2 Tartans Available:

MacDuff Ancient, MacDuff Dress Ancient, MacDuff Dress Modern, MacDuff Hunting Ancient, MacDuff Hunting Modern, MacDuff Modern, MacEwan Ancient, MacEwan Modern, MacFarlane Ancient, MacFarlane B&W Ancient, MacFarlane B&W Modern, MacFarlane Hunting Ancient, MacFarlane Hunting Modern, MacFarlane Modern, MacGill Modern, MacGillivray Hunting Ancient, MacGillivray Modern, MacGregor Ancient, MacGregor Hunting Ancient, MacGregor Modern, MacHardy Ancient, MacIan Modern, MacInnes Ancient, MacInnes Modern, MacIntosh Ancient, MacIntosh Hunting Ancient, MacIntosh Hunting Modern, MacIntosh Hunting Weathered, MacIntosh Modern, MacIntyre Ancient, MacIntyre Hunting Ancient, MacIntyre Hunting Modern, MacIver Modern, MacKay Ancient, MacKay Blue Ancient, MacKay Modern, MacKay Weathered, MacKellar Modern, MacKenzie Ancient, MacKenzie Dress Ancient, MacKenzie Dress Modern, MacKenzie Modern, MacKenzie Weathered, MacKillop Modern, MacKinlay Ancient, MacKinnon Ancient, MacKinnon Hunting Ancient, MacKinnon Hunting Modern, MacKinnon Modern, MacLachlan Ancient, MacLachlan Hunting Modern, MachLachlan Modern, MacLachlan Weathered,

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