Spring Weight Cummerbund (Adult Sizes) with Regular Bowtie (Tartans C)

  • $72.95

    Made in Scotland of 100% new worsted wool. Can be supplied with matching bow tie.Standard adult size fits sizes 30" to 44".  Adult XL fits sizes 46" plus.

    .Clan C Tartan Available:

    Caledonia Ancient, Cameron Ancient, Cameron Hunting Weathered, Cameron Modern, Cameron of Erracht Ancient, Cameron of Erracht, Modern, Cameron of Erracht Weathered, Cameron of Lochiel Ancient, Cameron of Lochiel Modern, Campbell Ancient, Campbell Dress Ancient, Campbell Dress Modern, Campbell Modern, Campbell of Argyll Ancient, Campbell of Argyll Modern, Campbell of Argyll Weathered, Campbell of Breadalbane Ancient, Campbell of Breadalbane Modern, Campbell of Cawdor Ancient, Campbell of Cawdor Modern, Campbell of Loudoun Modern, Campbell Weathered, Cape Breton, Carmichael Ancient, Chisholm Ancient, Chisholm Hunting Ancient, Chisholm Hunting Modern, Christie Modern, Clark Ancient, Clergy Green Ancient, Cochrane Ancient, Cockburn Modern, Colquhoun Ancient, Colquhoun Modern, Cooper Ancient, Craig Ancient, Cranston Modern, Crawford Ancient, Crawford Modern, Culloden Ancient, Cumming Hunting Ancient, Cumming Hunting Modern, Cumming Hunting Weathered, Cumming Modern, Cunningham Modern,

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